Case Study


The Game of Financial Mastery

  • App Design & Development
  • UX & Prototyping
  • Information Architecture

Contango is a board game that allows you to grow your investment empire alongside other players. The goal is to hand pick investments that will reap rewards long into the future and help pave the way to financial freedom.

Case Summary

Product Vision

The Contango board game required an app to support gameplay. The objective was to create an app that would be a digital record of each player’s assets. All player’s would need to download the Contango app and join a game initiated by the banker. The app needs to keeps track of each player’s turn, allows player’s to send money, buy assets, sell assets, track market cycles, and enroll in education. The app also was required to allow player’s to play a timed game or set a winning net worth to end the game.


Contango was not available for sale at the time the app project was started so user testing was conducted internally with the design and development team. Gameplay was conducted remotely via zoom with the game components in a Miro Whiteboard. The data collected during gameplay was used to create task flows. Wireframes provided intuitive feedback and iteration from players. The app was designed in Adobe XD and coded in React Native to be launched in the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Colour Palette

Font Style

Project Tools

Understanding The Users

Playing the game on zoom using Miro to host the board. This step allowed us to understand the flow of the game and design with the user in mind.

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