Hello, My name is Nick I am a Product Designer

I create bespoke digital experiences with an emphasis on research, human factors, and usability.

I’ve called Squamish British Columbia home for the past five years. I enjoy spending time in the mountains Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Paddleboarding. When I am not spending time outdoors I teach Meditation, Practise Yoga, and dedicate my free time to non profit originations building stronger communities.

Areas of Expertise


User Research

Understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations with interviews and surveys. Understanding how people interact with products.



A representation of a user based on research to represent the different user types for a product. Personas help to understand your users’ needs, behaviours and goals.



Empathizing with the target user and generating new ideas. This involves exploring many ideas some of these ideas will go on to be potential solutions.



A low fidelity mockup that can help designers think and communicate ideas about the structure of a digital product. Wireframes save time and late stage adjustments. 



Mocking up the design solution with interactions. Prototypes allow users to experience the product similar to a fully developed solution for the purpose of idea validation.


UI Design

Creating a pleasurable user experience with a focus on looks and style. User Interface Design includes colors, brightness, contrast, font size, and alignment.


User Testing

Collecting feedback on the target user group as they interact with a prototype. Users will identify pain points for iteration and positive attributes. 


Performance Monitoring

Obtaining insights and understanding the use of the product. Tracking the progress of a product and improving product strategy.

Increasing digital engagement for impactful organizations

Web Design

App Design


Discovery Phase

What is your business? how does your sales process work? How can we effectively achieve your goals? We’re excellent at getting familiar.

User Centered Design

One of the most important thing to consider when building your digital product is your customers. High user expectations demand intuitive interactions, Innovative design, and optimization for responsiveness on many devices.

Strategy & Proposal

We’ll brainstorm and review competitors to learn what they are doing wrong and right. We will discuss branding. As well as various internet marketing integrations. Then we will refine the balance of features to start your project.

Our Services

Let us take your vision and turn it into an incredible digital product. Our resources and commitment to detail make us the ideal choice to design and develop your next digital product. We focus on usability, performance, and reliability. We craft fast, modern experiences, and help you drive better results. That’s our promise.

UX Design Case Studies

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Weaving community in a disconnected world

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