Crowd Wyze simplifies the ordering process between buyers and distributors

The Crowd Wyze app provides buyers with a centralized location to place and manage orders and track pricing tier discounts related to purchasing quantity. Distributors benefit from the ease of order and inventory management. Item, pricing, quantity, and tier discounts are easily updated and available to buyers.

A vision to simplify supply chain procurement

This project is the brainchild of an investor who has experienced the pain points as both buyer and distributor in supply chain procurement. As the sole product designer for this project, I connected with the visionary and several buyers and distributors to discover their pain points and behaviours.

Distributors don’t just sell products.

They connect manufacturers and buyers enhancing the reach of the manufactures. Distributors provide end to end customer service including, fast delivery, product information, credit accounts, and assist with buying decisions.

The problem

Many of the orders placed by buyers are placed by email. Referencing past orders for tier discounts involves searching inboxes and multiple files. Distributors update pricing and send out price lists. Buyers tend to have multiple copies of the price list and are not always using the most current price list causing confusion.

How might we improve upon the recurring ordering process between buyers and distributors in order to save time allowing both parties to expand their businesses?

Empathize with the potential users

Learning about people to solve their problems

It was clear that in order to create a product that would benefit all the potential users. I would have to speak with distributors and buyers to learn about their pain points behaviours and motivations.

What distrubutors had to say

Gave me some key information on the problems distributors faced. The leading issue amongst all distributors was inventory management. Informing buyers items was not available and splitting up orders was a common occurrence. Another problem distributors are facing is manufactures creating online platforms to provide bulk ordering directly to buyers.

What buyers has to say

Shed light on the issues buyers deal with when ordering from distributors. Several buyers deal with multiple distributors some that have an online presence and others that exchange information solely via email. Sometimes distributor website prices are not updated leading to confusion. Tracking purchase tier discounts is not easy and quickly available.


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